Clarity, Consistency, and Colourful Images


All of our displays from Newline to C-Touch provide a 4K output, producing stunning quality especially when presenting. If presenting with a range of colours, this amplifies the user experience both for the teacher and students, showing crisp clarity displaying the capabilities of the screen.


In addition, our C-Touch range features top of the range JBL speakers, providing audio quality the market has never seen before! Gone are the days where external speakers need be connected to provide optimal sound, instead this all in one package reduces space without suffering on quality, making sure even students at the back of the room can hear just as clearly.


Touch point and infrared technology, handy if more than one user wants to annotate

Most interactive displays we sell provide at least 15 touch points, making it easier than ever before to annotate all at once! Are you hosting an interactive game in the classroom? Do you require the students to simultaneously annotate their ideas from one side of the display to the other? Well, this can be done with ease even for the most complex of tasks

In addition, the displays all feature infrared technology, especially useful when concise annotating is required. This detects the size of the object being used on the screen from your finger to a pin, meaning every move you make on our screens will be as accurate as possible! With the impressive 4K displays, the infrared technology will make it a breeze to teach without any effort needed, it’s a no-brainer to upgrade!



Latest software with continuous updates to ensure maximum performance is provided

Whilst using our displays, the software provided should enhance your teaching experience, with regular updates and applications being implemented to ensure any issues are quickly counteracted. Software pre-built in such as Oktopus allows for annotations during tasks or videos, essential for teaching younger children especially by identifying areas of interest in a clear view!

Are you teaching older students in either business or IT? Well, instead of faffing with tangled wires to present in front of the class, students can use the software to their advantage allowing work to be airdropped onto the screen from another device, increasing the efficiency of lessons. This presents not only how up to date the technology is but also changes how teachers and students interact during the sessions, creating further engagements!



An improved teaching experience and a higher engagement from pupils

The technology displayed showcases just how efficient and effective technology can be in the classroom, with or without the additional packages you can buy to create an immersive experience. Not only does this allow the teachers to come up with new content to make teaching more fun and excitable but also allows children and students alike to be creative, from hosting games on the screen to drawing or annotating!